Habitat For Humanity


Thursday morning’s weather was not particularly enticing for an hour-long bike ride to the construction site where Habitat For Humanity is hard at work building housing units on a lot in South San Francisco. It wasn’t just foggy. It was drizzly. When I double-checked on their website and saw the words “rain or shine,” I figured that applied to me too. They needed a photographer to document the progress at their site and to capture the volunteers that make it all possible. After several climbs and descents on slick streets through neighborhoods new to me, a few wrong turns (thanks Google maps), and helpful directions from a cute old Chinese man who drew a map in my notebook, I found the work site.

About 20 volunteers were spread out, filling a wall with mortar, digging plumbing trenches, and surveying. I signed the waiver form, donned the obligatory hard hat, and started clicking with my digital point-and-shoot and SLR. Folks were friendly and having fun getting dirty and working hard. The project that will house several families is expected to take 2 years to complete and will require tens of thousands of volunteer hours. The photos were sent off when I go home and will be used on Habitat’s website. Here are a few:



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