Priming the Canvas: A Mural Project in its First Phases

Today’s opportunity presented itself through Volunteer Match. A muralist was in need of assistance way out in the Excelsior at the San Francisco Community Alternative School. I’m no muralist or painter, but I can scrape crusty old paint off a 65’ wall like an old pro, so I signed up and ventured out on two wheels. Josh Talbott, the fine artist visiting SF for the three-week job, was the only person on site and he was happy to have help and company (besides his little canine companion, who is great company but lacks opposable thumbs). We chatted and scraped, probably inhaling particulate lead matter from the decades-old layers of paint. Josh had been at it for two days already, so my contribution was small to get him to the next phase of priming the wall, which is the plan for tomorrow. We went for sushi when the wall was done and he showed me a collection of his works of art in a glossy publication. Wow. Whatever his vision is for this community mural, it is bound to beautify the neighborhood when the project is complete. I will be checking back in soon to volunteer another day, perhaps to block in color, which lays down the background. Here’s what it looks like now. Stay tuned for the transformation! 


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